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Telomeres Info in Prestigious Peer-Reviewed Journal NATURE Article Synopsis – Chromosomes have caps of repetitive DNA called telomeres at their ends. Every time cells divide, their telomeres shorten, which eventually prompts them to stop dividing and die. Not a good thing in anyone’s book.

Journal of the American Medical Association (Jama) – has an article about the Correlation Between Telomere Length and Bad ThingsArticle Synopsis – Conclusion In this study …between telomere length and your health -”bad things happen when telomeres get short.”.
image of telomeres adult stem cells

One Ingredient that comes from grapes is resveratrol and it can have a very positive effect on telomere health.
image of grapes resveratrol
From the Resveratrol Wikipedia article -The first mention of resveratrol was in a Japanese article in 1939 by Michio Takaoka. Food sources of resveratrol include the skin of grapes, blueberries, raspberries, and mulberries.

Resveratrol is known as the super anti-aging nutrient and has been referenced in a number of studies plus over 2000 research publications.

Resveratrol offers a powerful anti-aging benefit that benefits telomere health. By stimulating powerful anti-aging enzymes known as sirtuins, a dose of 15 – 30mg of resveratrol has been shown to significantly increase the healthy lifespan of cells, possibly by as much as 50%. Sirtuin is a protein often called the
longevity gene.

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Improve Micro-Circulation Jiaogulan Herb Study

Circulation is vital to good health and nutrition – that is why proper circulation is essential for health and longevity. Although many people may be familiar with veins and arteries, they may not know most of the vital functions of circulation are actually performed in the micro-circulation network of capillaries.
These tiny blood vessels – many of which are only 1/10th the diameter of a human hair – are essential for delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body’s organs and tissues, and also for removing carbon dioxide, metabolic wastes, and toxins. The human microcirculation network is vast, containing more than 18,000 miles of capillaries to feed the body’s 10 trillion cells.

Jiaogulan helps increase nitric oxide in the blood stream which can greatly improve circulation.  Statistical analysis showed that Jiaogulan Tonic significantly increased circulation by as much as 60 percent over baseline level, and that micro circulation was still improved over baseline even six hours after intake.

The Chinese herb jiaogulan has attracted the interest of scientists because of its demonstrated ability to increase microcirculation in in vitro laboratory studies. …jiaogulan’s circulation-enhancing effects result from increased nitric oxide release in the capillaries,which is mediated by bioactive jiaogulan compounds known as gypenoside saponins.

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Jule of the Orient Premier Jiaogulan Adaptogen Tonic

Jule of the Orient is simply the best nutrition health product I’ve seen in my 15 years experience working with nutritional products. The main ingredient is Jiaogulan plus it also contains 21 supernutrients (goji, acai berry, jujube, camu-camu, amalaki fruit, lychee fruit, pomegranate and many more). Jiaogulan has over 300 documented studies showing over 54 health benefits. It has more health benefits than amy other plant on earth.

Phytonutrient rich Jule of the Orient contans the antioxidant capacity of 15 servings of fruits and vegetables. Plus it has powerful anti-aging and immune system support.

Testimonies are pouring in with people raving about this product. Here is one below.

Jiaogulan is an excellent herb. Instead of waking up in the middle of the night and staying awake for two or more hours, I enjoy sleeping straight through the night without being groggy the next day!  I no longer need an after-lunch nap. Since drinking this tonic, I am able to function normally throughout the day.  I am more focused and am completing projects with ease. I feel great!

Thanks for this wonderful tonic, Marilyn T., Washington

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